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The Evolution of Copiers

Photocopying was first introduced in the 1960s. But since then, the technology has improved in many ways. All businesses use photocopying and despite the extensive use of computers, copiers have been in use and still continue to evolve with time. This is because copiers use simple methods of copying documents in a cost-effective way. The copier and printer needs of New York businesses have been serviced by Canon Copiers top dealer Superior Office Systems (SOS).


New copier technology

Photocopying technology has vastly improved over the last decade. Now modern copiers use digital technology instead of analog process that was used earlier. This has enabled the copier machines to add some new features such as scanning and printing. Businesses can now invest in a single machine for all their copying and scanning needs. Some copiers also come integrated with e-mail or cloud storage options.

Modern copier machines are also much more efficient than their older versions. New machines make multiple copies in less time. This is possible as new machines now scan your documents only once to make as many copies you want. These machines have also reduced the instances of paper jams and misprints.

Newer copier machines are more energy and cost efficient. They consume less energy and minimize the costs by their efficient working systems. Modern copy machines now also use an advance software and can connect to the web for troubleshooting advice.


Superior Office Systems of NYC for document management services

NY, Manhattan residents can avail services by SOS for photocopying, scanning and printing services. We provide professional services such as prints, document management, mobile printing, industry specific printing, production prints etc. We focus on each customer and their needs so that you can approach us for different products and services related to photocopying, scanning, or printing your documents. We stock machines from major companies and provide professional services for your document management.

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